Green Remodeling

When we say we bring an exacting eye and serious attention to detail to every part of the construction process, we mean it. From beginning to end, we take take the time to offset, analyze, and review the amount of environmental impact we’re making. By doing this, we can continuously improve our practices for the better, reducing our environmental footprint more and more with each ensuing project.

Whether it’s a high-end apartment that needs renovating, a brand new architectural layout being designed from the ground-up, or a luxurious commercial property that needs an upscale update, we take pride in our ability to serve you while also serving the environment.

We Make a Lasting Impression – But Not on the Environment

According to the EPA, the United States generated nearly 54.8 million tons of construction waste from civil engineering projects in 2015. Even though residential and commercial construction would represent only a small fraction of this number, we still believe that we have an ongoing responsibility to reduce our impact as much as possible with every single project.

We’ve also also seen eco-friendly house designs explode into the mainstream over the past decade or so, an encouraging sign that others are looking to be equally eco-conscious. As a result, the popularity of green residential construction has soared alongside public awareness, and we’re happy to be a part of that. That’s why we’re always experimenting with new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and create truly sustainable properties.

Here are just a few of the steps we take to make sure our carbon footprint remains as small as possible:

  • Donating reusable items to local material resource centers, ensuring they get a chance at a second life instead of going straight to the trash. During the demolition process, we go out of our way to save anything that can possibly be donated, including entire kitchens, fireplaces, mirrors, and various electronics.
  • Always re-using appliances and other items whenever possible for our own projects, giving them yet another chance at a second life.
  • Following single-stream recycling guidelines as closely as possible for our systems, ensuring that our disposal processes cut down on waste and eliminate excess garbage.
  • By using materials such as low-VOC paints and other energy-efficient tools and resources, we’re always taking small-yet-substantial steps towards reducing our impact.

At the end of the day, the properties we build are more than just wood and steel – they’re also reflections of our values as a company, as well as your values as a homeowner. By making these green remodeling and construction decisions, we’re able to prove that luxurious living and eco-friendly house designs don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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