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Design Services

We are pleased to provide our clients with the following design services:

Architectural Design

We engage in a dynamic, collaborative design process driven by a commitment to the mission and vision of our clients.

Our design work marries the heritage and legacy of historic architectural details with an equally dedicated commitment to contemporary design. All design team members are well versed in the service expectations that accompany a well thought out plan.

Collaborative Design Consultation

So much of today’s design requires the experienced knowledgeable application of current materials and technology to timeless architectural applications. Many architectural firms focus on the “What,” and leave the how up to the contractor.

At Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. we deliver the “How” in our efforts to create a more seamless project flow. The availability of our team in pre-construction services can be invaluable to an architectural team when it comes to the integration of ground breaking ideas.

Architectural Millwork Design

Unmatched innovation defines the vantage point from which we approach each piece of our millwork. A good project is defined by a compilation of great details. We understand that our millwork defines this great detail. As the jewelry of the project, this essential component characterizes the individuality of each our client’s personality.