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Our Most Powerful Tool is Effective Communication

For 30 years Sleeping Dog Properties has offered a distinct advantage for clients seeking to embark on high-value, complex, and unique projects.

Our team is highly competent and incredibly reliable when it comes to handling technical projects. We have honed our skills in managing and executing complex construction projects with precision and efficiency, leveraging talented professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of advanced engineering and building concepts as well as the latest construction technologies.

But, above all, we always keep the client at the center of every project, ensuring clear lines of communication, maintaining the cleanliness of the project site, and ensuring the protection of the physical site and safety of all who work there.

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What's Behind Our Building Process

The Sleeping Dog team places a high priority on open and transparent communication with our clients throughout the project. We send weekly email updates to offer comprehensive progress reports, highlighting key milestones, completed tasks, and upcoming activities. We schedule regular in-person meetings to address any concerns, answer questions, and discuss project details face-to-face. 

Additionally, we provide our clients with access to Procore, a robust construction management software, where they can view change orders, submittals, and site photos in real-time. This ensures our clients have complete visibility into the project’s progress, empowering them to make informed decisions.

From project inception to completion, our team's expertise is harnessed daily on job sites to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and precision. Our skilled professionals, well-versed in the latest industry practices and technologies, consistently elevate the quality of our work. Whether it's meticulously crafting intricate architectural details or seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies into home systems, our commitment to competency ensures that each project is executed with the utmost skill and finesse. 

This dedication is not just a promise but a demonstrated reality, fostering the trust of our clients who rely on our unwavering competency to transform their vision into a luxurious, flawlessly executed reality.

At Sleeping Dog, the safety of our team is our top priority. We strictly adhere to all OSHA requirements, including the mandatory use of personal safety equipment such as hard hats, eye protection, harnesses, and high-visibility gear. 

We also prioritize exceptional cleanliness on our job sites as a core value. Negative air pressure machines control dust and debris, ZIP wall systems act as effective barriers, and daily trash removal maintains an organized and hazard-free site. Regular professional cleaning services ensure a safe and hygienic working environment for both workers and visitors, recognizing that your home is your refuge.

Lastly we take preventative measures to protect the job site, using corrugated plastic sheets and PadNProtect runners to safeguard floors. Additionally, we employ corner guards, moving pads, drop cloths, and other protective equipment to prevent accidents and property damage.

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