6 Design Trends to Leave Behind in 2017


Though it’s only May, we’re already looking forward to fresh new design trends for 2018. But before we ring in these exciting changes, we have to do a little spring cleaning.

We invite you to check out these 6 popular home design trends in 2017 that we’re excited to leave behind:

1. Tiny Houses

Tiny House

Call us old-fashioned, but we prefer to have separate rooms for dining and bathing.

While a tiny house may be right for some, for people with families that live in a city like Boston it’s often not an option (we’ve found most of our clients value space in their residential remodels, anyway).

  • Families would likely have to rent a storage unit and drive to and from there
  • Most lenders will only offer loans for houses that are larger than a minimum square footage
  • Tiny homes are also tougher to sell than a traditional house, apartment, or condo


Finally, it’s important to remember that this is a trend. This housing trend became very popular in the last couple of years, though interest is already waning.

We’d never recommend making decisions about long-term purchases, like houses or condos, based on the latest trend. In fact, we believe your home should be viewed as an investment. Houses offer more flexibility for renovations or remodeling so that you and your family (and pets) can grow into them.

2. Loud Colors on Walls or Furniture

Loud Wall Colors

The novelty of this candy-coated custom kitchen will probably wear out after a couple of mornings (courtesy of Avso).

While this may seem like a good idea at the time (and can be great in moderation in retail stores), you may find that you get tired of loud colors quickly.

There’s a lot of research on color psychology, which should be considered when you consider how often you will be looking at your walls. For example, did you know that colors like yellow and orange can stimulate appetites? So not only would a yellow kitchen be bad if you’re hoping not to over eat, but they also reflect more light and can cause some irritation.

Custom homes are great opportunities to let your personality shine through, including your favorite colors. But building a truly luxurious and well-balanced home requires thoughtful planning around complementary colors.

3. Stenciled Quotes on Walls

Stenciled Quotes

Will you really still want this after the Instagram picture? (Courtesy of Etsy)

Choosing the right words to have emblazoned on your wall can be a fool’s errand. Finding a quote that isn’t cliche or trite is next to impossible, and “Live, Laugh, Love” will probably get irritating after the first couple of looks.

While these make for great pictures in dorm rooms, there are more mature ways to make the walls of your luxury condo stand out. If you’d like to make a more sophisticated statement, consider using custom windows or unique ceilings for your home. Even a single instance of custom millwork can add some luxury to your house or apartment.



4. Overdoing a time period theme

19th Century Living Room

This room can instantly transport you to the 19th century, but traveling back in time every day can get old quickly. (courtesy of Tipsted)

Rooms with antiques no longer need to be styled around a decade or century-specific theme. It is good practice to create a look in your home that seamlessly mixes antique trends with modern touches, rather than planning your home design to be dependent on one particular antique.

While a room that immediately transports you to a different time might sound appealing, it is much more advantageous to play with antique themes in a modern setting to create a timeless design rather than a time-frozen one. We recommend being a little more adventurous and mixing up time periods, like incorporating modern design elements in an otherwise contemporary design (confused? Learn the differences between contemporary and modern design).

5. Too much gray

All Gray Living Room

Gray is one of the most versatile neutral colors available, pairing well with everything from pink to navy. However, if you start to match gray with other shades of gray your room will seem flat (instead of 50, we recommend 1 or 2 shades).

Avoid the “prison chic” look of an all gray room by adding a few warmer, brighter colors to your palette. The colors will play well together and give each other needed depth and warmth. Gray walls and/or gray furniture give you a great base to let your personality shine through with some bright fabrics, rich wood millwork, or avant garde art.

That being said, despite our professional opinions that we’re in a “gray bubble” that is soon to pop, it has recently become the most common color for home decor pins on Pinterest. So what do you think? Is it time for gray to go away or is it here to stay?

6. Going Overboard with Brushed Metals

Entirely stainless steel kitchen

This kitchen might look good for a restaurant or an industrial kitchen, but it’s a little too dark and sterile for a home renovation. (courtesy of Home Designs)

Stainless steel used to be a staple of clean, sleek, and modern kitchens.  However, the industrial warehouse aesthetic is now a thing of the past. Warmer metals like bronze, gold, and brass are making a comeback for any homeowner looking to make their space more elegant. Using these metals in moderation can add rustic flairs to any home.

Learn more about how to best incorporate brushed brass into your home design, be sure to check out our blog post on the what and how of the brushed brass trend.

If you need help deciding on the right style for your next renovation or remodel, reach out for a consultation with one of our design and build experts. We’ve been helping Boston residents and business owners create stunning spaces for over 25 years.


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