A Guide to Creating Hygge in Your Home


Creating Hygge: Why This Time-Tested Scandinavian Philosophy is More Popular Than Ever

If you’re a follower of design-savvy Instagram influencers or other social media personalities, you might have come across the words “hygge” or “hyggelig” at some point. While these phrases have certainly gained a heightened level of popularity over the past few years, the words themselves are far from new. In fact, the origins of these words – or, more accurately, these concepts – date back many, many years, and they’ve long been a common part of the Danish and Norwegian vernaculars.

Creating hygge in the house with low-profile decorations and devices such as a coffee cup, a camera, and a fuzzy blanket

But what do these two venerable Scandinavian philosophies have to do with 21st century home design? Quite a bit, as it turns out – especially if you’re looking to create a more intimate and relaxing space. This is especially important for New England families retreating home to hibernate during the winter months. But first, let’s discuss the meaning behind the words in a bit more detail.

What Does Hygge (or Hyggelig) Mean?

Unfortunately, the words “hygge” and “hyggelig” are hard to translate literally into the English language. As ideas, however, they can be thought of as qualities of coziness or contentment which make people feel comfortable, safe, fulfilled, or all of the above.

Because of this, some English-speakers incorrectly use “hygge” or “hyggelig” as literal synonyms for words like “cozy” or “comfortable,” but hygge purists argue that these “translations” fall short of conveying the full depth and complexity of the concepts. Regardless, you can certainly see why such comforting ideas have gained such universal appeal, especially when it comes to making one’s home more comforting.

A person holding a white ceramic mug with a black cat watching

Indeed, there are many ways in which you can bring the hygge style of home decor into your own house. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite techniques for creating a proper hygge house, regardless of whether you live regardless of whether you live in a one-bedroom condo or a multi-story mansion!

How to Hygge Your Home

De-Stress with Less

As a fundamental component of Danish culture, hygge is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Naturally, this also encompasses the decor (or lack thereof) inside one’s home.

Interior shot of a high-end luxury kitchen

Therefore, the first essential key to creating a hygge home is to make a peaceful, clutter-free space that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, while simultaneously encouraging feelings of serenity and warmth with room enough for guests.

Focus on Togetherness

Along with “cozy” and “comfortable,” “togetherness” is another English word that’s commonly (but not entirely correctly) used as a synonym for hygge. As a result, a hygge home should be able to function as an ideal sanctuary for not only yourself, but your close friends and family as well.

A family sharing a meal at a Hygge style table

So, whether you’re enjoying an intimate dinner, drinking by the fireside with acquaintances old or new, or just laughing at an inside joke, hygge is all about creating an atmosphere where you can savor the simple yet beautiful moments associated with togetherness and community.

Remain Neutral (with your color scheme, that is!)

Closely tied to the concepts of de-stressing and togetherness is simplicity, and there’s no denying that Scandinavian design is renowned for its minimalist aesthetic. Therefore, your hygge style home’s color scheme should never be too overwhelming.

Mitchell Gold Sitting Room Example Cream and Dark Brown Wood

We recommend sticking to a more neutral color palette to create a calmer and more relaxing space. Softer pastel colors like browns, grays, and creams are commonly used in place of more intense or even harsh colors like solid navy or reds.

Find the Right Hygge Furniture & Accessories For You

Comfortable seating is a must when it comes to hygge furniture. Gently curved furniture, plush upholstery, soft fabrics, light woods…all of these help emulate that classically comforting Scandinavian look. In addition, you want to ensure your seating/furniture arrangements are conducive to leisurely conversation and lounging (after all, we did mention that togetherness is an essential part of creating hygge in the home!).

Hygge home decor in a room with a neutral color scheme

Similarly, you can find all sorts of fun accessories and decorations to help obtain a cozy look. Throw pillows, thick blanks, cushy cushions – who wouldn’t want these additions to their home? Meanwhile, you can add some warmth via various creative decorations to juxtapose the neutral color scheme of your home. Candleholders, vases, ceramics, and other materials will help show off your personality while also providing a pleasant balance between the neutral and the vibrant.

Curious About Bringing the Hygge Style Into Your Own Home?

The hygge style of living has played a major role in many of the world’s happiest countries for years now, so it’s safe to say that this is far from another fleeting design trend. All across the country, more and more Americans are being drawn to this practical yet refreshing style of home design and day-to-day living.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating a comforting sense of hygge in your home, whether through custom build or design services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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