Beacon Street Home Remodel Featured on the Cover of Interiors Magazine


We are excited to share that one of our recent custom home remodeling projects on Beacon Street was featured on the cover of Interiors magazine.

Partnering with Terrat Elms Interior Design, we set out to transform a space originally designed in a contemporary manner into one with more transitionary elements. The goal was to create a calm, inviting home for our client to reside at during the week.

Working under a tight deadline and with various aesthetic elements, it was paramount for our teams to be as efficient and as diligent as possible. One of the challenges associated with the space was ensuring that the client’s art gallery was arranged and showcased in the most compelling way, whether that meant removing a window and using a crane to place a painting or implementing the appropriate lighting fixtures to highlight the space.

Relying on the use of textured wallpaper, dark-colored paint, and material-integrated cabinets, we were able to evoke emotion in the space and soften its contemporary aesthetic. From high-gloss kitchen cabinets amalgamated with stone to bathroom cabinets wrapped in crown molding and fastened with stainless steel door handles, we thoroughly enjoyed juxtaposing colors and textures to create a unique home for our clients.

Our continued partnership with Terrat Elms Interior Design is always a pleasure, and this endeavor was no exception. We’re delighted to have been a part of such a memorable project!

Check out the full remodeling spread in the February/March 2016 issue of Interiors magazine here.


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