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Lessons in Construction from 25 years of Being Boston’s Top Luxury Home Builders

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to building a high-end custom home. However, throughout our nearly three decades as luxury home builders, we’ve practically seen and done it all. And if we’ve learned anything from our years of experience designing and building custom luxury homes, it’s that the process should be as exciting and streamlined for the client as possible.

Casual Dining Area in Wellesley Home

But still, with so many things to account for – from the amount of square feet in each room’s floor plans to locating an ideal homesite – it’s a good idea to have a seasoned home construction team on your side.

Fortunately, our team has more than enough expertise building high-end homes throughout the Greater Boston area and beyond. But it’s not just our decades of experience working on new construction projects that sets us apart from other custom home builders. In fact, what really sets us apart is the unique approach we take to the building process – in this case, it’s our client-centric design-build process.

Luxury Home Building, Design/Build-Style

One of the key advantages of working with our award-winning team of custom home builders is that we specialize in both design/build and general contracting services. This means our clients truly receive the best of both worlds when it comes to craftsmanship, attention-to-detail, and customer service.

Let’s talk a bit more about how the design-build approach benefits customers during the home building process.

A Quick Breakdown of the Design/Build Process

The design/build construction process is a unique construction approach wherein one single entity is contracted for both the design and the construction of an entire project.

Contractor drawing up design-build proposal

For the client, this means there is only one single source of responsibility to correspond with at the firm, resulting in a greatly streamlined and much more transparent communication process. After all, there’s only one person at one company the customer needs to go to with any questions, concerns, or input.

In addition, the design/build process overlaps the design and construction phases from the start. This usually accelerates project timelines and reduces overall management costs throughout every facet of the design and building processes, from early discussions all the way through to post-construction follow-up and maintenance.

Planning a Custom Home: Scopes and Estimations

Every custom home project starts with preliminary meetings where we discuss our client’s unique vision for their future dream home. Then, we work together – both internally and with the customer – to turn those ideas into a realistic project scope. This scope then leads to an estimated project budget and timeline.

Once the client approves of the projected budget and timeline, our team then coordinates with any local electricians, plumbers, interior designers, and architectural design experts whose insights might be needed to bring the luxury home to life. Thanks to our design/build approach, all of these conversations and negotiations are handled by the Sleeping Dog team. This allows our project managers to take even more stress off of our clients by negotiating with all of these outside parties, which are, in most cases, already long-time, trusted partners of our firm.

Managing the Luxury Home Building Process

Once plans are in place, designs have been agreed upon, and blueprints have been approved, then the building process is free to commence.

A team meeting discussing the design phase of a residential project.

With decades of experience designing and building luxury homes throughout Boston, we understand the importance of approaching the planning and execution phases thoughtfully. Whether we’re just starting to lay the foundation or bringing in late-stage interior design touches such as the perfect paint colors or best materials for countertops and other amenities, it’s all done with the client’s original specifications in mind. Even so, we still maintain open and transparent communication with customers even at this late stage to make sure every last request is materialized as accurately as possible.

However, our strict adherence to customer service doesn’t end there once the actual home building process ends. In fact, we go a step further by providing a variety of post-construction quality assurance options in the form of our Heritage Home Program. This exclusive Program allows our customers to protect their investment for as long as possible and avoid future stress through a variety of preventative maintenance programs and features.

Have an Idea for a Dream Home of Your Own? Our Luxury Home Builders Are Just a Click Away!

No matter what a customer has in mind for their custom luxury home, it’s our privilege as an industry-leading team of custom builders and designers to bring it to life. Contact us today to learn how our custom home builders can bring your vision of a high-end Boston-area dream home to luxurious reality.


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