Find the Best Kitchen Contractors in Boston & Cambridge


Looking for the Best Kitchen Contractors in Boston and Cambridge?

Every home remodeling project should be a rewarding experience. After all, you deserve to have every room in your house look, function, and feel exactly how you want – and that’s what our team of kitchen remodeling contractors is here to help with.

Full view of the luxury condos in Boston's multi-color kitchen space

In our experience, we’ve found that remodeling a kitchen can be a fun, fulfilling, and even life-changing undertaking for the families we work with. Just think about it: there’s really no better way to give your entire home a fresh, exciting new feel like updating one of the busiest rooms in the house. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen, it’s especially important to find a reputable contractor who can work alongside you every step of the way to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

The Path to Superior Kitchen Remodeling

Since the founding of Sleeping Dog Properties in 1993, we’ve built our company reputation on a team-oriented design-build approach that leads to consistently outstanding project quality, safe workplace practices, and a steadfast client-first model. We would not have been able to achieve our current portfolio of award-winning residential remodels without it. This model helps our team deliver world-class customer service that can’t be touched by other New England kitchen remodeling companies.

kitchen with marble countertop

Meanwhile, our nearly 30 years of experience providing high-quality design-build services throughout New England further guarantee you’ll receive the kitchen renovation or remodel of your dreams. With customer service always top of mind, our team applies unparalleled industry expertise and craftsmanship to every single custom kitchen project.

Specific areas of Sleeping Dog’s kitchen remodeling expertise include:

  • Installing gorgeous kitchen countertops from the most premium materials available, including granite, stainless steel, quartz, and more.
  • Updating existing or outdated kitchen cabinets so they can have new life as eye-catching custom cabinets.
  • Designing brand new cabinets from scratch to match your current tastes.
  • Having professional installers add in faucets in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs.
  • Building lavish new countertops with or without a custom-made backsplash made of the highest-quality materials.
  • Consulting on and installing the best luxury kitchen appliances from top brands like Wolf and Sub-Zero
  • …and much more, which you can learn about in great detail on our in-depth kitchen remodeling services page!

Custom Kitchen in Millennium Tower Penthouse

A Look at Our Outdoor Kitchen Design Services

Why limit your kitchen personalization to the inside? After all, there’s no better way to impress your guests or entertain your family than with a luxurious custom outdoor kitchen! Being able to experience a vast backyard while cooking and eating is especially liberating when we’re spending more time at home these days. And just like our indoor kitchen projects, our team always brings the same unparalleled level of quality to our outdoor kitchen projects.

Some of the custom outdoor kitchen accessories and additions we can design, build, and install as part of a remodel include:

  • Outdoor refrigerators manufactured by industry-leading companies like Sub-Zero and built with the highest-quality outdoor-ready materials.
  • Outdoor grills perfect for whipping up delicious BBQ, steaks, burgers, and more – all designed by expert manufactures like Wolf and available in a wide range of styles.
  • Custom-made pizza ovens available in wood-fired models, built-in models, freestanding models, and more.
  • Luxurious, custom-made pergolas, gazebos, and arbors to provide you and your company with some welcome shade on a sunny day – or, alternatively, you could add in a patio cover complete with a custom roof!
  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces that will make for an idyllic gathering space – and a great source of ambiance for a relaxing evening in the backyard.
  • Outdoor wine coolers available in a mouth-watering array of styles, sizes, and temperature ranges – all sure to meet the needs of even the biggest oenophiles.
  • Custom outdoor kitchen countertops made from materials as diverse as stainless steel, granite concrete, tile, quartz, and more.

Finished Kitchen

We Also Offer Kitchen Renovation Services, Too!

In addition to our aforementioned kitchen remodeling services, we also offer a variety of kitchen renovation services, as well.

Whether you want to reinvigorate your kitchen with some flashy new kitchen islands that will lend the room a more spacious quality, or are replacing your stove with a new cooktop to serve as your culinary centerpiece, we can provide any number of popular kitchen renovation services that will help you achieve a harmonious and delightful kitchen. We’ll also work closely with trained electricians, plumbers, and any other outside professionals to ensure the installation process of any new appliance or device goes as smoothly – and safely – as possible.

Our Unique Design-Build Remodeling Services for Kitchens

Another major thing that separates Sleeping Dog Properties from other New England-based kitchen contractors is our specialization in the design-build construction approach. Using this approach, we’re able to consolidate the design and construction processes, meaning that they’re all handled by one entity (that is, us) all the way from concept through completion.

The benefits of the design-build approach for kitchen remodeling are plentiful, but some highlights include:

  • Having one single contact for the entire project, which greatly simplifies the process for both you and our project managers.
  • Quicker turnaround times as a result of this consolidated responsibility.
  • Stronger communication and coordination between the team you’ve hired to remodel your kitchen.
  • Earlier and more accurate estimations of kitchen remodeling costs.

back bay marble kitchen counter

Questions to Ask Boston Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Before officially hiring any kitchen remodeling contractor, make sure you’re prepared to ask the right questions during early discussions. Doing this will help ensure that you’ll ultimately receive the most luxurious and detail-oriented results possible, but also ensure you’re working with a company that actually knows what it’s doing.

Some questions to always ask a kitchen contracting company include:

  • May I see your portfolio?
  • What type of education and experience do you have in kitchen design?
  • How many plans do you provide?
  • How long will the redesign take to complete?
  • Will you provide any cost-saving ideas?
  • Do you design eco-friendly kitchens? Or can you add in green kitchen or bathroom features?
  • Do you donate any materials that can be saved? Or do you have a system and partnership to do so?

Kitchen Sink

Looking for an experienced Boston home design and build company that can bring your dream kitchen to stunning reality? Let us know – we’re confident we can make your kitchen the talk of the town.


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