Sleeping Dog’s Chris Rapczynski Featured as Spokesperson for Seek Thermal Camera


The snowiest winter of all time has resulted in a lot of water damage in homes and businesses throughout the Boston area, and our clients have called upon us to determine the extent of that damage. Traditionally, contractors had to spend a great deal of time searching for areas of water damage. We’d often have to take the time to protect a room and then put holes in the walls in order to fully investigate and fix the problem. Not anymore.

Seek Thermal Camera: A Game-Changing Tool for General Contractors

The evaluation process for water damage no longer takes as much time nor causes excessive damage to the home the way it did in the past. An innovative new tool called the Seek Thermal camera has allowed general contractors to use their smartphones to isolate all areas of water damage in homes within minutes. The Seek Thermal camera has also helped us communicate to our clients how they can save on their energy bills, as its thermal imaging capabilities allow us to identify air leaks, missing insulation, and other inefficiencies.

Seek Thermal Camera’s Customer Spotlight Featuring Chris Rapczynski

As a well-respected general contractor in Boston and a user of the Seek Thermal camera, Sleeping Dog’s President, Chris Rapczynski was asked to team up with the company in an awesome new video that shows how the tool works and how he uses the Seek Thermal camera to “see the unseen.”  Check out the Seek Thermal camera and Chris in action below!

To learn more about the Seek Thermal camera, click here.


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