High-End Refrigerator Guide

30" Designer Wine Storage with Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers - Panel Ready; image courtesy of www.subzero-wolf.com

Curious About High-End Refrigerators?

High-end refrigerators aren’t just an eye-catching addition to fine kitchens everywhere. While they’re certainly glamorous from a visual perspective, they also offer a host of exciting functional and customizable perks.

But with so many luxury refrigerators on the market, it can be hard to make the right pick. That’s why we decided to spotlight some of our clients’ favorites, as well as the many features that make them so unique. We’ll primarily be focusing on refrigerators from Sub-Zero, since they’ve long been the leading name in top-of-the-line refrigeration.

Let’s get started!

Full-Size High-End Refrigerators

Full-size refrigerators measure between 30 to 36 inches in width, 67 to 70 inches in height, and 29 to 35 inches in depth. The interiors of full-size fridges offer an ample 14 to 20 cubic feet of space. Here’s a look at some of our favorites from Sub-Zero.

  • 36″ Classic Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer: The 36″ Classic Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer showcases just how far customizable kitchen appliances have come. Complete with internal LED lights, four glass shelves, three door bins, an automatic icemaker, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a whole lot more, here’s a perfect example of a classic-style refrigerator with futuristic features.
  • 30″ Designer Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer: Boasting Wi-Fi capabilities, a NASA-inspired air purification system, Nano-coated shelves, LED lighting, and a host of other features, the 30″ Designer Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer also accepts custom panels for an integrated look within cabinetry or stainless-steel accessory panels.
  • 48″ PRO Refrigerator/Freezer with Glass Door: Sub-Zero’s PRO line offers several lavish options, including the stainless steel 48″ PRO Refrigerator/Freezer with Glass Door. A triple-pane, UV-resistant glass door protects against spoilage, while the adjustable gates come with full-extension, slide-out glass shelves providing easy access to food. Other features include soft-on LED lighting, a NASA-inspired air purification system, dual refrigeration technology, and the ability to either be installed directly or as a freestanding unit.
A 48" PRO Refrigerator/Freezer with Glass Door displayed in a kitchen

48″ PRO Refrigerator/Freezer with Glass Door; imagery courtesy of www.subzero-wolf.com

High-End Undercounter Refrigerators

As people spend more and more time at home, we’ve found that many of our customers have started desiring a more spacious kitchen. A perfect way to obtain this is by having refrigerators that are small enough to be tucked under cabinets, yet remain just as functional as their larger counterparts. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then have a look at some of these.

  • 24″ Designer Undercounter Refrigerator: The 24″ Designer Undercounter Refrigerator comes with a fully customizable exterior: you can choose between custom panels for an integrated look within your cabinetry or a stainless-steel alternative. In addition, this small yet efficient high-end refrigerator seamlessly integrates virtually anywhere, creating a comfy corner for your libations. Other features include two on-door shelves, an on-door touch control panel, spill-proof shelves, LED lighting, and Wi-Fi functionality.
  • 24″ Designer Undercounter Beverage Center: The 24″ Designer Undercounter Beverage Center features many of the same components as the 24″ Designer Undercounter Refrigerator, but a greater focus on liquids. The full-extension upright shelves feature adjustable gates that tightly anchor the contents of the fridge, while a fold-down flat allows room for bulkier items. Meanwhile, the multipurpose shelf offers plenty of space for the safe storage of your favorite refreshments.
  • 24″ Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerator: The 24″ Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerator accepts outdoor-rated stainless steel accessory panels to ensure your outdoor grilling essentials are always close by. It also comes with customizable storage options with one stationary and two adjustable shelves, as well as a classic stainless steel design inside and out. You’ll gain access to precise temperature control to ensure your perishables are always at the optimal temperature, while Wi-Fi functionality enables remote temperature control at all times.
24" Designer Undercounter Beverage Center on display in a kitchen

24″ Designer Undercounter Beverage Center; image courtesy of www.subzero-wolf.com

High-End Wine Refrigerators

At Sleeping Dog, we’re no strangers to working with high-end wine refrigerators and coolers. From single- to multiple-zone wine coolers all the way to coolers that can store dozens of bottles, there’s no shortage of options for the sommeliers out there. Whether you’re looking for a cooler that can be installed as a part of your kitchen’s furnishings, or a tuck away that can fit neatly under a counter, here’s a look at some of our favorites.

  • 30″ Classic Wine Storage: The 30″ Classic Wine Storage option provides 146-bottle storage capacity and is a must for major wine connoisseurs. Not only does it allow you to store your reds and whites in separate temperature zones, it maintains a constant humidity via dual evaporators that prevent corks from drying out. LED lights help you quickly grab your favorite bottle, while a UV-resistant glass door shields wine from light-induced aging.
  • 30″ Designer Wine Storage with Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers: The 30″ Designer Wine Storage with Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers is an upgrade to the 30″ Classic Wine Storage refrigerator, providing all the amenities of the original and then some. While this one only allows for an 86-bottle capacity as opposed to 146, its custom panels allow for an integrated lock within cabinetry – or, you can opt for the gorgeous stainless-steel accessory panels.
  • 24″ Designer Undercounter Wine Storage: The 42-bottle 24″ Designer Undercounter Wine Storage comes with a fully customizable exterior and, as an undercounter refrigerator, allows for seamless integration anywhere in your home. You still have the ability to store your reds and whites in different temperature zones, and you’ll also benefit from the touch control panel, dual evaporators, UV-resistant glass doors, Wi-Fi-enabled functionality, and much more.
  • 18″ Designer Wine Storage: Sub-Zero’s 18″ Designer Wine Storage offers 59-bottle capacity, LED lighting, an inventory tile system for easy organization, a UV-resistant glass door, textured roller-glide shelves, and plenty of other unique features – all in a small yet beautiful 18” inch package.
Sub-Zero's 30" Designer Wine Storage with Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers on display in a kitchen

30″ Designer Wine Storage with Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers; image courtesy of www.subzero-wolf.com

Refined Refrigeration is Just a Click Away

If you’re interested in any of the high-end refrigerator options above, or any other high-end fridges, for that matter, contact us today. We’ll help guide you to the best brands and options for your current kitchen set-up, all while paying close attention to your specific needs and requests.


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