Kitchen Design and Renovation Tips


As one of the most defining characteristics of a home’s design, the kitchen must be developed with a solid plan in place.  If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, here are five tips to make sure the new kitchen hits all the right marks.

  1. Consult a Professional – Whether your project is an efficient condo kitchen, a modern loft kitchen, or a new custom kitchen, we recommend contacting a professional to begin the planning process.  Take inspiration from other great kitchen designs and share them with your contractor.   Whatever you are looking to accomplish, someone has likely done it before.  A professional’s expertise will be a valuable asset throughout the process.
  2. Kitchen Layout – The usefulness of your kitchen should not be sacrificed for design.  Develop a working layout and select cabinets, counters, and appliances that fit your needs and budget.  Your kitchen layout should work with your lifestyle and utilize the space in your home or condo.
  3. Budget your work Designing a new kitchen requires hundreds of choices and selections.  In each category of there is a good, better, and best selection.  Knowing your budget will allow you to choose best possible kitchen features at realistic prices. Often, clients say they want the best kitchen appliances, when in reality, mid-range options are sufficient to fulfill their needs.
  4. Personalize Accordingly – Select materials that fit your home.  If you would like to implement a kitchen island, this does necessarily mean that you need a custom island made with floating glass and cables with colored lights.  Find what is organic to your plan, is new to your space, and fits the theme of your project.  Our kitchens designers can help you with this.
  5. Do Your Research –  Make sure you know the qualifications of the company you hire.  A poorly installed modern kitchen can be worse than no kitchen remodel at all.


In the end, a well-planned, well-intended kitchen design will allow you to create your dream kitchen and enhance your home’s value.


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