Kitchen Remodeling Services in Cambridge, MA


Cambridge, Massachusetts Kitchen Remodeling Services

If only our homes – and the many rooms inside them – could grow alongside us to meet the ever-changing demands of life…but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Luckily, however, there are professional kitchen modelers out there dedicated to serving the needs of Cambridge residents and many others throughout the greater Boston area.

Entirely stainless steel kitchen

Our team has nearly three decades of luxury home remodeling experience, and a lot of that time has been spent in kitchens. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as one of New England’s premier home remodeling firms, while providing a bounty of kitchen remodeling services for residential houses, custom condos, and more.
Here, you’ll learn all about the services we can provide to help turn your current Cambridge kitchen set-up into your dream kitchen set-up.

High-Quality Kitchen Remodeling Services in Cambridge, MA

Our award-winning kitchen remodeling contractors can help you redesign the entire layout of your kitchen, or just focus on particular aspects that you want to improve.

braddock kitchen checkered hardwood flooring

From small-scale carpentry enhancements to large-scale roofing modifications, here’s what we can do to update your Cambridge kitchen:

  • Leverage our cumulative knowledge of carpentry and interior design to help with refinishing your kitchen cabinets, panel doors, and other wood-based amenities.
  • Offer a range of styles and finishes for new kitchen faucets, sinks, and dishwashers.
  • Collaborate with industry-leading plumbers and other professionals to help with miscellaneous handyman services.
  • Remove, renovate, and install countertops made from premium materials like marble, granite, limestone, slate, and more.
  • Have our seasoned kitchen designers create customized floor plans that our team can then install to give your kitchen an entirely new look and feel.
  • Add in any number of new kitchen amenities or appliances such as stylized lighting and lighting accessories, sliding glass doors, personalized kitchen islands, and even meticulous roofing work or custom-built in-home bars!

White Wood Kitchen Cabinets

For Cambridge Residents, Luxurious Kitchen Remodeling Services Are Never Far Away

With an expansive portfolio of kitchen remodeling projects completed over the decades, Sleeping Dog Properties has built up a reputation as a leading home remodeling company throughout the Cambridge area – and for good reason.

You’ll be amazed how a high-quality remodel can not only give your family more space to relax in, but also improve the general traffic flow and feel of your home for anyone who enters your dining area.

Full view of the luxury condos in Boston's multi-color kitchen space

Contact us to learn how our unparalleled kitchen remodeling craftsmanship and unique client-centric design-build approach can bring new life into any Cambridge kitchen – including your own.


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