Looking Back: Our Favorite Luxury Bathroom Remodels


Seeking high-end bathroom design ideas or inspiration? Look no further!

At Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc., we’ve had the honor to add a wide variety of luxury bathroom remodel projects to our Portfolio, subsequently bringing a whole new level of luxury to the lives of countless customers. However, our experience hasn’t been strictly limited to traditional homes – in fact, we’ve provided custom bathroom remodeling services to a number of high-end condos, apartments, and penthouses, as well!

If you’re looking for some luxury bathroom remodeling ideas or inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve rounded up four of our most unique custom bathroom designs and project summaries all in one place, allowing you to skim through some of the more recent projects we’ve completed over the past decade or so of our 25+ year history.

Let the tour commence!

A Uniquely Modern Bathroom for a Uniquely Modern Farmhouse

Working with Tony Cappoli Interiors, we found an inventive way to combine the rustic with the refined for this uniquely lavish farmhouse. While the sprawling green lawn, glamorous parlor room, and intricately customized kitchen are already more than enough to turn some heads, the property’s high-end bathroom remodel is certainly a standout in and of itself.

modern bathroom remodel

Amongst other things, the bathroom’s new-and-improved design includes an elegant glass tile above the sink, a delicately installed countertop made of rare stone, and custom leaf-themed wallpaper adorning every inch of wall within the room.

A Prime Location, a Premium Condo & Two Perfect Luxury Bathrooms

Located on the first block of scenic Marlborough Street, and directly overlooking the beautiful and historic Boston Common, this condo already had the perfect location criteria checked off…so how do you improve on perfection? From the inside out, of course!

Working with our friends at Studio DRAW, we utilized a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors to achieve a perfect level of cohesiveness throughout the property – including, of course, the bathrooms.

Full view of one of the bathrooms

The master bathroom features spacious showers, linear drains, and exquisitely designed tile work all along the walls and floor. Meanwhile, the half-bath boasts a one-of-a-kind slab stone floor that pairs well with room’s two mirrors, one vanity-sized, the other full. After all, in a perfect world, you can never have too many options!

A Contemporary Penthouse with a Splendidly Spacious Spa

Located in Boston’s South End, this penthouse paradise is truly awe-inspiring. This 4,900 ft² includes everything from a 1,200-bottle (!) wine room to 4,300 ft² of roof-deck space. If you want a bathroom/shower that can compete with all that, then you really need to go all out…and that’s exactly what we did.

Constructing Luxury Spa

To match the sheer opulence of the penthouse’s other rooms and features, we built an entire shower/spa out of limestone walls, extravagant stone flooring, and a custom-made linear drain.

High-End Bathroom Design Ideas & Solutions for Those with Limited Space

This custom Beacon Street condo proved to be one of our most challenging yet exciting projects yet. Our task was to convert a single bedroom that was part of a much larger townhouse into its own complete living space, complete with all the luxuries of a full-fledged condo. With some strategic planning, creative problem solving, and very helpful insights from our keen-eyed clients, we pulled off the improbable: turning 990 ft² of space into one of the most attention-grabbing condos in all of Back Bay.

A view of the condo's bathroom, complete with stand-up shower and a painting above the sink

To overcome our issues surrounding the property’s size (or lack thereof), we extended the original bathroom into what’s now the condo’s master bedroom. Of course, this meant sacrificing some of the space from the sleeping quarters, but as you can see, the efforts paid off. Now, our customers have a master bedroom that’s still sizeable enough to comfortably accommodate, while the strategic bathroom expansion turned out to be an idea that was as effective as it was savvy.

Want to Work with Some of Boston’s Most Experienced Luxury Bathroom Designers?

As you can see, we have plenty of experience working turning high-end bathroom design ideas into stunning realities – but that’s not the extent of our experience. As one of the leading luxury bathroom designers and builders in all of New England, we also have decades of experience with kitchen remodeling, as well as beginning-to-end custom home and custom condo construction.

If you’d like to learn what our seasoned luxury bathroom designers can do to make your next project a jaw-dropping success, feel free to contact us today or learn more about our unique design-build process.


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