Navy Blue Design: A Trend That’s Here to Stay


Navy Blue in Interior Design

The History of Navy

A quintessentially classic color, navy blue dates back to 1748, when it got its name from the color worn by officers in the British Royal Navy. Since then, the strong association with all things noble and nautical has not faded. Navy used in interior decoration continues to evoke images of the oceanside — even when found in a modern penthouse in downtown Boston like the recently completed Millennium Tower.

navy sofa in luxury interior design at millennium tower

Millennium Tower is one of the newest, largest, and most luxurious developments in Boston, Massachusetts. With 442 residences and 60-stories, Millennium Tower looms over Downtown Crossing as the third tallest building in Boston. Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. remodeled this luxury condo that included an elegant living room with custom millwork in neutral stone colors. These pieces were artfully balanced with elegant, navy sofas. Before becoming preferred contractors for Millennium Tower residences, Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. remodeled some of Boston’s most famous luxury apartments including The Intercontinental, The Clarendon, The Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. If you’re a Millennium Tower resident looking for a custom luxury contractor:
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For those who like to live their life in color, navy can be a great alternative to using black on your walls. Navy creates the same calming and masculine vibe that black does, while adding warmth, depth, and history.

In this guide to using navy in interior design, we’ll give you:

  • Colors that pair with navy that aren’t white
  • Examples of navy used in different rooms
  • Our two favorite shades of navy paint for 2017


3 Creative Colors That Pair Well with Navy

If you’ve already fallen in love with navy and decided to paint the wall of your high-end condo this dramatic hue, you may be wondering what to pair it with. These 3 other colors poised to dominate 2017 will perfectly balance the navy in any home.

1. Windsor Pink

a navy bedroom with dusty pink details

While Adore Magazine featured this photo for the bedhead, we think the navy and pink create a perfectly romantic atmosphere.

This dusty pink adds a muted femininity that tempers the masculinity and drama of navy walls. Especially when used in concert with navy, this pink acts as a neutral instead of coming across too juvenile or overtly feminine.

2. Warm, glowing yellows

The bright yellow hues from the chair and planter prevent the navy walls from becoming too drab in this picture from RedEdition.

The balance between these two colors can help you get away with some truly bold statement walls. Whether you’re using yellow as an accent to brighten an otherwise navy room or vice versa, this color combination is sure to add depth and warmth to any space in your home.

3. Pale shades of purple

We love this combination of a wall painted in Cloudberry (from Behr) and a navy accent from Bijou Lovely Designs.

These pastel violets are all about striking a balance: between masculinity and femininity, youth and maturity, and work and leisure. Dee Schlotter, the senior color marketing manager at PPG, calls this shade “at once as nostalgic as it is modern. It’s substantial in a world that can sometimes seem so temporary, luxurious in a harsh world that needs pampering, and introspective and private in an invasive world.” Shades of pastel violet were also picked as colors of the year by the paint brands Olympic and Glidden. If you want your newly remodeled condo to be ahead of the curve, try pairing a navy wall with some pastel violet and white accents.


Where to Use Navy for Interior Design

Now that you have your color pairs picked out, you’ll need to decide on where in your home or condo to use navy. Should you paint your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or all three? Explore these recommendations to get some inspiration for using navy in your renovation or remodel.


Navy kitchens and dining rooms

blue tile kitchen backsplash

A navy kitchen backsplash perfectly complements the white cabinetry in this photo from the Creative Engine Room.

White kitchens with splashes of blue (like custom navy kitchen cabinets) can instantly transport you to the beach. Alternatively, a blue tile backsplash can offset an all-white kitchen without going overboard on the nautical vibes.

navy dining room with bronze details

The inky, moody navy wall here is brought to life by the bronze details in front. From Babble.

Navy also pairs well with bronze fixtures and the combination can elevate your dining room experience. Create a sophisticated and modern vibe by placing bronze colored furniture and accessories in front of a navy backsplash.


Navy Doors and Other Details

navy custom doors in a luxury condo

We used custom navy doors to increase the sense of depth in the rooms of this Boston luxury condo remodel.

Navy details can make a big impact even when used sparingly. For example, without the navy doors the walls of the luxury condo pictured above would feel flat. Use navy in other unexpected areas to make your rooms stand apart.


Navy Libraries, Studies, and Offices

classic navy library that could be found in Beacon Hill

Blue accents in the rug and pillow cases are brought to life by the glossy navy walls in this library from House & Home.

Navy as a color has long been associated with wisdom and tranquility. It’s no wonder, then, that it works so well in home libraries or studies. Navy walls can turn your home office into a peaceful den to escape the noise of bustling Boston streets.


Navy Living Rooms

navy walls bring out other playful colors like this teal couch

A navy wall lets you indulge your eclectic taste in other pieces, like this teal couch from Other Metro Furniture

As a natural color, navy blue pairs well with other earth-toned furniture. If woods like mahogany are a few shades too dark, white oak and maple furniture are brighter alternatives that pair well with rich navy or indigo.

Prefer colors that are a touch more daring? The reserved calm of a navy wall means you can opt to use some wilder colors in your other pieces.


Make Small Rooms More Dramatic with Navy

navy walls in this bathroom add depth and texture

The light on the navy walls of this moody powder room gives this room more character than traditional white walls. From Design Sponge.

Contrary to popular belief, dark walls in small spaces can have dramatic and even space-opening effects. While white may create a more light-filled room, it lacks the same dynamism and subtlety of darker colors that change hues as the light changes throughout the day. Using navy instead of a jet black can create that elegance and depth without feeling too gothic. Just be sure to balance your navy bathroom walls with some bright accents and pops of color to prevent your room from becoming gloomy.


Navy bedrooms

a navy bedroom in one of the luxury condos we remodeled

Use navy liberally in the bedroom to create an air of maturity and mystery like in this bedroom Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. created for a luxury condo in Boston.

For the same reasons that navy can make a home library more tranquil it can also make your bedroom more comfortable and peaceful. A navy and silver color schemes hints at the luxury and maturity of black and white without being too stark.


Our Recommendations for navy in 2017

Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. has used navy often in our luxury commercial and residential projects this year. Navy is versatile: it looks at home in both contemporary and historical homes. Below are our two favorite shades of navy we’re using for luxury remodels and renovations in 2017:

1. Brigand, from C2. This dark navy with a lot of depth creates a strong statement when used as a wall color. Pair this one with lighter neutrals like white and stone colors or a pale blue.

2. Hale navy, from Ben Moore. We’ve seen this used very effectively on custom kitchen cabinetry in some recent remodels. This pairs very well with natural colors like dusty green or creamy taupe.

Stay up to date on the latest design trends and best practices by checking out other posts from our blog!


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