Remodeling Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Boston


Objective:  To transform Mitchell Gold + Bob William’s flagship Boston location into a more customer friendly and aesthetically pleasing store.

Not Your Average Commercial Remodel

Remodeling a large store is always a daunting task.  However, remodeling a large store while the store remains open is an even bigger challenge.  We approached each day with a plan: our goal was to get as much work accomplished by 10am as possible.  Thorough planning and execution allowed us to build a very cool space, and equally important, allowed Mitchell Gold to stay open throughout.

Building a BIG Custom Staircase

Custom Staircase

Fabrication and installation presented challenges during the remodel because we used an array of materials. For example, the staircase incorporated a combination of wood, porcelain, glass, and metal. Each of these materials is very different and has varying levels of malleability. Metal, for instance, tends to move a bit when it is heated. When we welded the metal materials together, we had to constantly check the entire structure to make sure that everything stayed in place as it cooled.

Mitchell Gold Store Remodel

The staircase was enormous – we installed giant 12’ by 6’ footings to hold it up. Every inch of this staircase was custom made. We carefully welded and installed it section by section – from the footings to the glass risers and the metal mesh surrounding the oak hand rails. This was the first welded staircase in the Mitchell Gold collection, and it is now the corporate example!

Assembling the Solar Room

Commercial Remodel

Another exciting, yet challenging part of the project was building the solar room.  The room had a tendency to get really hot, and Mitchell Gold wanted to make the temperature of the room comfortable and visually pleasing to customers.  We used thermally efficient coated glass to reduce UV rays, and we also added two massive air conditioning systems to cool the solar room.  Everything in the room was made 100% custom, including the metal frame and all of the glass within it.

Floating Ceilings

Remodeling Project Sleeping Dog Properties

The above photo highlights a cool design feature. We included three floating ceilings with numerous lights. Each was installed with extreme caution and precision.


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