Remodeling South End Triplex Penthouse


We had the opportunity to transform 4,900 square feet into a magnificent triplex penthouse in Boston’s South End. This project is every custom builder’s dream. The owners wanted everything you could imagine and more in this luxury home – from a wine room to a theatre to features that had never been created before. We’ll show you some of the coolest features of this custom home, and you’ll get the inside scoop on how we made it all come together.

Making Sense of the Space

Custom Organizing Wall

Turning such a large space into a livable, modern family home was the objective and challenge of this project. The central living space needed design features that would emphasize its vastness, and at the same time, the features needed to define the space as a family home. Some of the most striking design features that help give context to the space are the enormous white organizing wall and the floating ceiling, which are featured in the picture shown above.

Engineering for Luxury

Remodeling Luxury Penthouse

The building was not originally intended for luxury, so we encountered a number of engineering challenges. For example, because the ceilings were 18 feet high and the space wasn’t designed to be split level, we needed to implement air conditioning systems in various areas in the home to regulate temperature and air flow. There were also 160 lights installed in the home’s main room, which generate a lot of heat, so the air conditioning was essential for cooling down the space.

Up to the Mezzanine

Custom Floating Staircase

To maintain the roomy downstairs feel and ensure enough upstairs living space, the floor system for the mezzanine had to be structurally engineered to create a thin floor. To connect the downstairs to the mezzanine, we created a floating staircase made of welded metal and wrapped in custom fabricated wood. Only one side of the staircase featured a hand rail, but we needed to include a hand rail or wall on both sides to meet code requirements. To meet the requirement, we implemented a translucent fabric metal screen to serve as a wall.

The Spa

Constructing Luxury Spa

The above photo shows the expansive shower area in the spa. The shower included limestone walls and stone flooring. If you look at the tiles, you’ll notice a subtle, yet calculated slot near the shower door that runs across the floor – this is a custom-made linear drain. Unique touches like these made this project a lot of fun.

The Moving Wall Panel

Moving Wall Panel in Kitchen

The owner wanted a television in the kitchen that could be disguised when not in use. There was no existing technology to make this happen, so we created it. We custom fabricated a steel plate and welded a bracket that could be pulled out of the wall and pushed back in. The opening and closing of the panel is controlled by the home automation system. We implemented sensors that recognize when the tv is powered on or off, which causes the panel to open and reveal the tv or close.

These are just a few of the many custom features of this gorgeous South End home.

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