Back Bay Boston Condo Overlooking the Park

Boston Common Real Estate Boasting Uncommon Luxuries

Located on the first block of Marlborough Street – and directly overlooking Boston Common – this 2770 ft² Back Bay Boston condo is truly a prime piece of real estate. Not only is the property situated on one of the most premier blocks in the city (comparable to living above Central Park in NYC), it also showcases the collaborative prowess and creativity of the experts at Studio DRAW. The Sleeping Dog Properties team once again had the privilege of working with Studio DRAW to bring this eye-catching piece of Boston Common real estate to life.

In order to truly do justice to a project of this scale, our designers and architects have the freedom to use a wide variety of colors, materials, and styles – and our clients were very excited by this prospect. However, to obtain an essential cohesiveness in design throughout the entire property, we had to ensure there were a sufficient number of recurring or matching elements throughout every room to create a satisfying harmony among the individual pieces in their role as part of a greater, unified whole.

Working closely with Studio DRAW and our clients, we were able to achieve that essential design-build cohesiveness. While doing so, we also satisfied our clients’ desire to see diverse colors and styles used throughout their property, which is now one of the finest luxury condos in Boston.

Luxurious Bedroom Suites

This Back Bay condo features three suited bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom (plus an additional half-bath elsewhere in the condo). Every color, material, and ornament within the bedrooms was thoughtfully selected to make sure we constructed areas with distinct, yet equally memorable, layouts.

Exquisite Bathrooms

The suites’ bathrooms are filled with flair, rounded out by spacious showers, linear drains, and custom tile work. While the master bath is beautifully tiled along its floor and walls, the half-bath features a one-of-a-kind solid slab stone floor. This glimmering slab floor coalesces perfectly with the reflective vanity and large mirror, making a relatively small space feel larger than life.

The Media Room

A TV peeks out from the wall, while a high-end turntable system, seven state-of-the-art music speakers, a surround-sound theater, and sound-graded doors provide everything needed for a truly immersive – and private – home theater experience.

Custom-Built Wine Cellar

Leaving the media room, your eyes are immediately drawn to a luxurious wine cellar. While most wine enthusiasts opt for an off-the-shelf rack or even a premade cellar, this one was 100% custom built with the finest millworking materials.

Glossy glass doors and a full wet bar and make this a wine connoisseur’s dream come true!

Living Room

For the living room, we installed a large wooden table and a couch facing a restored fireplace surrounded by pristine marble. The elegant marble fireplace is flanked by large windows that drench the entire room in light to provide a sense of comfortable openness, while the many complementary colors liven up the mood of the room.

Vibrant Kitchen

The kitchen was built using all manner of high quality materials, including metal and natural finished wood. Meanwhile, natural stone countertops and a stone backsplash bring even more personality to this colorful corner of the condo.

Spacious Hallway

The lone hallway felt relatively small at first, so Sleeping Dog significantly opened up the space by raising the ceiling and adding custom lighting that shines down upon the fine art along the walls. Dark wood trim and accent doors help to frame and liven up the entire area, which no longer feels cramped.

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