Back Bay Single Family Home Remodel

This exquisite single family home was converted from an in-law apartment to a floor-through entertaining space and guest room with bedroom space added to its upper floors.  The home includes all the detail of a classic parlor level while incorporating a more current and relevant design.  Every inch of this space was crafted with the utmost precision, and the finished home is a true masterpiece. Explore the project details below.

The Dining Room

Made of walnut veneer, the walls and ceiling of this room create a warm and inviting feel.  Our client wanted a formal entertaining space that had a comfortable feel. The coffer ceiling defines the dining space while artwork lines the walls by using a touchless integrated art hanging system.

The Ceiling

Coordination and integration of the light fixtures and speakers into the panel of the ceiling required careful precision. Measurements had to be exact to ensure that none of the book matched veneer was compromised during the process. To add depth of finish without distracting from the light fixtures, we used a high-gloss, white-buff finish.

Double Doors

As your eye catches the double doors, you’ll notice that they section off the living room from the dining room, creating an intimate setting or a more open space if needed.  We custom integrated pivot hinges, which allow the doors to open 180 degrees without hitting the trim surrounding the doors


From the light fixtures to the wood paneling in the ceiling soffit, you’ll notice there are a number of details throughout the space that show consistency in aesthetic. Just as insets were added in the dining room, we integrated crown molding around the perimeter of the living room to create a seamless transition between rooms.

Custom Ventless Fireplace

The front face of the fireplace consists of three different sections of material – the gray section on the bottom is tile, the band of black in the middle is absolute black stone, and black and white custom stone sits atop. Getting the crisp, clean look of the fireplace was difficult because we had to integrate different materials into one unified object.

Luxury Powder Room

Rather than include a white wall next to the wall with the high-buff finish, we used grass cloth wallpaper to ease the contrast between the two walls. To give the space a masculine feel, we implemented black mosaic tile flooring, installed a black, custom made sink from Italy, and added a black vanity and toilet.

Custom Staircase

We re-sanded and applied two coats of stain system to the staircase for its ebony shade. We added a custom handrail lined with leather and a metal bottom. The handrail needed to be made large enough to accept the leather, which required a lot of careful coordination to make sure everything fit and lined up accordingly.

Project Details

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