Custom Back Bay Condo at 334 Beacon

Beacon Street Spotlight: Transforming a Bedroom Into One of the Finest Luxury Condos in Boston

For this project, our Boston design-build team worked closely with a pair of keen-eyed clients to bring their unique vision to life. The main challenge throughout was deciding how to make the most out of the relatively small 990 ft² we had to work with.

In fact, this current piece of Boston luxury real estate was once just a single bedroom in a much larger townhouse that hit the market at an impressive $1.3 million price-point. Now, the revamped condo shines as a textbook example of the jewelry box living that has been resurfacing throughout Boston as more homeowners seek to downsize without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Add in the property’s ideal location on Beacon Street (a historic Boston hotspot that we’ve become quite familiar with due to the many projects that we’ve worked on there over the years), as well as the fact that this condo has its own private parking and a breathtaking view of the nearby Charles River, and there’s little doubt that this is one of the most ideal Back Bay condos in the entire neighborhood – if not the whole city.

Radiant Living Room Condo Design

Giving you a preview of the condo’s lively aesthetic, this living room radiates with personality. Featuring completely redone floors, repainted walls, and ornate new additions such as a ventless polished limestone fireplace, this living room exemplifies what custom condo remodeling can achieve.

Glamorous Galley Kitchen

In this remodeled kitchen, row after row of cabinets fill out the space. We used the small space allocated by the room to create a characteristic galley kitchen layout: the counters, cabinet units, and appliances all connect with and face each other, proving that bigger isn’t always better with Boston kitchen remodeling.

Strategic Bathroom Expansion

Creating a comfortable bathroom setup out of such a small space required some creative thinking. To replicate a “full bathroom feel” without the “full bathroom size,” we extended the original bathroom into what’s now the master bedroom. After meticulous planning internally and with our collaborators, it ended up paying off!

A Master Bedroom to Remember

Taking some space away from the bedroom did nothing to compromise its coziness. Now, a series of windows provide a perfect vantage point onto the streets below. This room also boasts a “prop” fireplace that gives off all the ambiance of the real thing., making for a very engaging conversation piece for all who visit!

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