Luxury Kitchen Overlooking Boston Common

Ideally located on Marlborough Street and directly overlooking historic Boston Common, this 2770 ft² Back Bay Boston condo is truly a prime piece of real estate – and its kitchen is one of its most attractive features (which is saying a lot!). The result of intensive collaboration between the Sleeping Dog Properties team, Studio DRAW, and a very involved client, this kitchen makes use of a wide range of colors and materials, while also maintaining a cohesiveness in design that matches the rest of the spacious condo’s rooms.

Standout features of the kitchen include all manner of high-quality materials, including premium metal and all-natural finished wood. Meanwhile, natural stone countertops and a stone backsplash bring even more personality to this vibrant corner of the condo.

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Studio DRAW
Studio DRAW
Back Bay
Custom Condo
Kitchen Remodeling

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