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This boutique “jewel” of a company began as 23 persons. It now is a 600 person strong force in the home décor world. They are in the business of creating American-made upholstery and home furnishings. Existing in operation for several years, the New England partnership of Mitchell Gold requested that Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. assist them the creation of their flagship Boston retail location. 11,000 SF in total with 5,000 SF as newly added, this project allowed the owners to introduce more brand lines and deepen their mission to bring comfort and style to Boston.

Our Approach

A challenging requirement for this project was that the store had to stay in operation throughout. Our approach was to get as much work accomplished by 10am as possible, and with thorough planning and execution, we were able to deliver.

Custom Staircase

The staircase was enormous – we installed giant 12’ by 6’ footings to hold it up. Every inch of this staircase was custom made. We carefully welded and installed it section by section – from the footings to the glass risers and the metal mesh surrounding the oak hand rails.

Fabrication and Installation

The staircase fabrication and installation required careful attention, as we utilized an array of materials. Using a combination of wood, porcelain, glass, and metal, we needed to constantly check the entire structure to ensure everything stayed in place as it cooled.

Custom Solar Room

In the custom solar room, used thermally efficient coated glass to reduce UV rays, and we also added two massive air conditioning systems to keep it cool. Mitchell Gold wanted to make the temperature of the room comfortable and visually pleasing to customers.

Project Details

Jim Bartholomew
Matthew E. Juros – Fishbrook Design Studio
Flagship Retail

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