Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Natick

Our second store build of three in this franchise region for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, this store in Natick is a flagship of the brand. Perfect construction details frame each furniture setting’s unique and contemporary character. The open atrium offers the sense of volume, while the left and right side provide intimate settings. A perfect shopping experience and a fine example of a growing brand model advancing its architectural model.

Atrium Construction

We implemented large steel erections and a roof system that includes a new concrete pan, insulation, and trusses. The trusses hold up the roof, spanning large distances of space to provide the area a light look and feel.

Atrium Post Construction

The atrium required all new construction in the midst of existing structure. The two different building types were seamlessly weaved together. The new elevated ceilings in the center of the space create a grand and spacious setting next to the existing lower ceilings to the left and right, which offer an intimate and comfortable feel.


We worked with a corporate and local architect to ensure that the store would reflect the brand model, but also include signature elements unique to that location. You’ll notice the brand standard ceramic tile, black awning, and the 8-inch thick window trim. And we added unique touches to the store, such as the chocolate-stained white oak flooring.


We implemented roughly 500 LED lightbulbs during this project, all of which needed to cast a specific light spectrum to represent the furniture as perfectly as possible within its given setting.

Project Details

James Bartholomew
Leah Cohen Lamkin of Slocum Hall Design Group, LLC
Flagship Retail

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