Smythe & Dove Steakhouse + Dakota Bar

This Barn-style Andover Steakhouse Brings an Urban Feel to the Suburbs

When restaurateur Marcus Palmer decided to build a new Andover restaurant bar, he had big ambitions. He knew it would have to be one of the finest barn-style restaurants in the region. He also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to fulfill his dream of creating a barn-style steakhouse. But that’s not all: this boutique steakhouse would also serve as a watering hole for locals and tourists seeking a sophisticated drinking experience.

After a nearly 20-year friendship with Sleeping Dog Properties Founder, Principal, and President Chris Rapczynski – a friendship which led to close collaborations on the Littleton-based Great Road Kitchen and Lexington-based Vine Brook Tavern – Mr. Palmer decided it was time to bring this modern American steakhouse to life. Since Mr. Palmer and Chris both have deep ties to the town of Andover, the Sleeping Dog team was undoubtedly the perfect restaurant construction company to help make Marcus’s ambition a reality.

While it took months to locate a spot that could accommodate Mr. Palmer’s ambitious steakhouse design ideas, the team eventually found the perfect one…and it’s ready for your grand tour!

Modern Barn Architecture

We wanted to utilize the most interesting elements of modern barn architecture to build one of the state’s finest barn-style restaurants. As it turned out, the old Andover Bookstore – a once-popular local spot that had been vacant for years – was itself built on the remnants of an old barn on Main Street. We had found our location!

An Homage to Andover

Paying tribute to the original Andover Bookstore before its 2017 relocation was important. As such, the architectural style gives nods to the barn that housed the Bookstore for years, a subtle nod to the town’s history. Some fun (and less-subtle) barnyard motifs were added as well – like these ornamental roosters!

Boutique Steakhouse Interior Design

“Architecturally, the grand dining room with the big vaulted ceiling is a great piece,” says Chris Rapczynski, whose affinity for novel restaurant construction challenges is no secret. “It’s a mature restaurant feel with the charisma of a boutique restaurant in a suburban setting. One of our most rewarding commercial construction projects.”

Don’t Forget the Dakota Bar!

“The bar is a cozy bar,” Chris said. “Being conscious of the volume of space as an element of aesthetic helped make it feel very welcoming and cozy. The overall feel of the place, the volume of the place, it all helps people react to it in a positive way.”

Project Details

Marcus Palmer
Marcus Palmer
Andover, MA
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