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Seaside Sanctuary

on Boston's North Shore


Sleeping Dog Properties
Greg Premru


Sleeping Dog Properties
Greg Premru

Project Notes

Elevated above the Atlantic, this home possessed a naturally stunning backdrop, offering the potential to be a truly spectacular property. However, before reaching its full potential, the house required substantial care. The initial phase of our transformation involved demolishing the rear section of the home, a strategic move to extend it further into the backyard and increase the square footage on the first floor.

This expansion allowed for the creation of a grand kitchen, a spacious living room, and an office, all strategically positioned to offer breathtaking views of the water. To further enhance the lifestyle afforded by this location, we designed and built a sizable deck that gracefully wrapped around one side of the house. The deck featured thoughtfully planned sitting and dining areas, complemented by the luxury of a hot tub and an outdoor shower.

The exterior transformation was comprehensive, encompassing new siding, windows, and doors. Simultaneously, a meticulous landscaping effort was undertaken, turning the outdoor space into an oasis of natural beauty. The culmination of these improvements provided the perfect canvas for our early morning photoshoot, resulting in truly spectacular photographs that showcased the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living, and the home's newfound charm perched above the Atlantic.

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The kitchen features a light-colored palette with pops of brass from the cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, and stools. The stone backsplash highlights the design's gray elements, almost mirroring an aerial of the waves rolling into the beach below.

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This 15' wide, accordion style door can be fully opened to expose the beauty of this wrap around deck and ocean views.

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The wrap-around deck provides plenty of room to fit an outdoor shower, hot tub, grilling area, and outdoor living space.

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