Critical building security infrastructure systems rely on well thought out, well managed, and proactive planning in order to succeed. In today’s world that relies so heavily on both digitalized mechanical systems as well as electronic monitoring platforms, it’s no longer a good habit to plan ahead, but rather a requirement. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining those infrastructure systems as an answer to our client’s ever-changing needs. We work hand in hand with those clients, both residential and commercial, in order to customize the plan that makes their day to day lives easiest and insures their properties from any potential loss.

These critical building security infrastructure systems come in a variety of utilities:


Electricity & Power Network

  • As almost every mechanical system around us has been digitalized, having a constant connection between those systems and electricity or some battery back-up is critical
  • We recommend a natural gas or propane generator by Kohler or Generac. Solar generators are also becoming more popular


Gas Supply

  • We use gas for cooking, heating and powering our homes and a disruption in that supply can be disastrous. Having a gas reserve on-site, like a propane tank, that can be used for those very household needs can be a massive relief


Water Supply

  • Even as a requirement for all humans, back-up water systems are often overlooked as necessary for our residential and commercial projects. Whether it’s a water main break or you well pump fails, having a full reserve tank with the correct filtration system will assure you a feed to clean drinking water
  • Protecting your property from a water loss


Preventative Fire Protocols

  • While only a requirement for some of our larger residential projects, our commercial clients are in constant review of the current code and regulations surrounding sprinkler and fire alarm requirements.



  • While reliant on electricity and power to function, telecommunications are becoming one of the most crucial utilities of a building’s infrastructure. Having a constant connection to your personal network, phone lines and internet is critical. The devices that monitor many of the utilities listed above, require an internet connection in order perform as designed.


Sewer & Wastewater Management

If your new or existing property requires any of these services, or you’d like us to explain them further, please reach out! We can help in the design, install and maintenance of all these critical building systems.

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