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Condos & Renovations

Modern Masculinity

at 22 Liberty Drive


Interior Designer
Barqawi Design


Interior Designer
Barqawi Design

Project Notes

This 2,000-square-foot condo in Seaport had an ideal location, stunning views, and excellent building amenities. However, its interiors lacked uniqueness, blending into the original base building design. With the help of interior designer Tiffany Barqawi, we transformed this space to make it more functional and exclusive.

Starting with the heart of the condo, we addressed a major issue: a large portion of the harbor view was blocked by a backsplash and a built-in fireplace on the back of the kitchen island. We removed these obstructions, relocated some plumbing and electrical wiring, and installed a new waterfall stone countertop and custom dry bar cabinetry. This renovation not only opened up the kitchen, allowing more natural light to flood in, but also added a bar area, which the client found far more useful than the fireplace.

In the primary bedroom, we installed wooden slats on the headboard wall and added flanking antique mirrors. These changes made the room feel larger and added unique style and design, giving the bedroom a more personalized touch.

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